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We Have A Better Way To Fix Your Drain Pipes...

Broken Sewer Pipes?

Leaking Roof Drains?

Tree Root Infiltration or Backups?

At Trenchless Solutions we provide cured in place pipe-lining (CIPP) services for residential, commercial, municipalities and industrial projects.

About Trenchless Solutions

At Trenchless Solutions, we understand the frustration and inherent cost of having to rip up a floor, path, driveway or road in order to fix a pipe. Using state of the art technology and materials, we focus on providing residential, commercial and industrial pipe lining installation services, done without having to excavate or demolish.

Our customers include homeowners, commercial enterprises, industrial companies and municipalities located in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware Area.  We are headquartered in Flourtown, PA.


Outside this area?  Give us a call and we'll see if we can help. Our crews are ready to mobilize to repair your broken pipes. If you are having trouble locating a local company to do your sewer repairs, we have worked with different companies from coast to coast,

Since 2010 Trenchless Solutions has been quickly and efficiently solving broken, leaking and clogged pipes issues in:

  • Sanitary Sewers

  • Storm Sewers

  • Drainage pipes

  • Swimming pool plumbing

  • Roof drains

  • Overhead pipe lines

  • Vents

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How Does Pipe Lining Work?

Once we receive your call and learn about your problem, we can get to fixing your issue asap.

First we will use an advanced camera, pushed into the pipe, at an accessible point, to discover the exact position  of the crack or leak and scope of the repair. From the inspection  we can ascertain whether the pipes need cleaning, a sectional repair, or a full length liner with out the need for drilling or digging. 


If needed:

Trenchless repair, also called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) or No-Dig, uses a pipe lining method  to restore your pipe. A felt and/or fiberglass tube is cut specific to your pipes' length and diameter. Then, a specially mixed epoxy resin is used to saturate the felt tube. The tube is vacuumed to remove all air and replace the air space with the resin. The tube is installed via air pressure and kept inflated with a secondary sleeve. The resin is cured after a few hours, and the secondary sleeve is deflated and removed, with the newly formed pipe left installed inside of the old. This new pipe immediately restores water flow. All installations are held to ASTM-F1216 standards with a 50 year design life.

​We also do quick home inspections with a fibre optic camera to diagnose clogs or leaks in water, drainage pipes and swimming pool plumbing.

Our Customers 

residential trenchless solutions


municipalities Trenchless Solutions

Municipalities & Institutions

Commercial Trenchless Solutions


Industrial Trenchless Solutions


We are happy to have worked with many residents, institutions and industries in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area. We hope you will consider us too for your next pipe related repair.

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