The Pipe Lining Process - 4 Steps

Step 1. Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection Of The Pipe 

A fibre optic inspection camera is inserted into the pipe to establish the primary issues and help determine a suitable plan of action. If you need an inspection in your home or business, call us.


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There is nothing worse than having to dig up your basement floor, yard, driveway, brick path or deck to repair you waste water or swimming pools lines.

We can use fibre optic cameras to pinpoint the problem and make the appropriate decision to either unclog, clean or repair with trenchless cured in place piping.

If your property or home is being affected by a broken sewer or drainage system caused by root infiltration, sink holes, sewage or rainwater backups, contact TSI to receive a free estimate. 

Just call  or email us today to quickly get your problem resolved.

Municipalities or Institutions

Maintaining  the water and sewer systems of a town or an institution, such as a university or hospital, is a big responsibility, both in terms of budget and system  integrity.

Let help you solve any issues with inspections, estimates and implementation. Utilizing our trenchless repair means that you get done quickly and avoid the disruption of digging  surfaces such as roads, paths and landscapes, and their costly repair after the work is complete.

Commercial & Industrial

We help all kinds of commercial properties, such as office buildings, hotels, retail spaces, commerce parks etc. to solve their immediate needs to repair pipes quickly and efficiently.

Traditional demolition and excavations take time. They require additional repairs to existing structures and landscapes after a pipe repair has been completed.


Trenchless Solutions offers a minimally invasive alternative which can be completed in as little as one day with zero disruption to the surrounding area. This means equipment  and facilities can get back up and running or tenants can get back into their spaces sooner.


CIPP installations are not limited to pipes under lawns and landscape, but can be performed under kitchens, factory floors and rain leaders hidden in walls. Call TSI today to find out how!




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We cover a wide area of the eastern Seaboard but especially PA, NJ, DE & MD 

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